Baby's Breath wedding flowers
Baby's Breath wedding flowers

April 3, 2023

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Baby's Breath wedding flowers

Six words I NEVER thought I’d say: Baby’s Breath is having a MOMENT.

I thought Baby’s Breath was finished when the rustic, mason jar-frenzy of the 2010s subsided, first transitioning into the blush obsession, and finally ending with our present-day greenery craze. And here we are, where a modest, all white palette of Baby’s Breath, and 1-2 well-placed roses, mums and phalaenopsis orchids coupled with a few simple pillar candles is ALL the rage. Simple, yet effective.

There is an uncomplicated, ethereal ease working with Baby’s Breath. Florists and floral designers are SO creative and can dream up incredible designs that are truly captivating. But before you start completely re-pinning your mood board, consider:

The Cost

Part of the reason I think people are flocking to Baby’s Breath is the presumed price. You may look at Baby’s Breath as a simple highway flower, like Queen Ann’s Lace. Centerpieces and bouquets made with Baby’s Breath MUST be cheaper than other crowd favorites like roses and hydrangeas, right?! Not quite. While Baby’s Breath is cheaper per bunch than these flowers, you need A TONNN of it to make the same impact. After the past three years, prices across the board in the wedding industry have also skyrocketed, including flowers. While it may have been cheaper in the past, the current popularity of this flower paired with the economy will make your floral proposal higher than you think!

The Smell

Let’s cut to the chase- Baby’s Breath smells like cat pee. NOT the first impression you want to give your guests when they sit down at their dinner table. The good news is sprinkling a few drops of your favorite essential oil should cover the scent and provide a more pleasant aroma for your guests.

What do you think? Is Baby’s Breath worth the hype?

Photos: Kristina Lorraine Photography, Studio This Is Photography

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