Tailored to feel undeniably, unapologetically YOURS. 

your wedding.

your way.

When it comes to that dusty, old Wedding Rulebook, understand that those "rules" are meant to be broken. Shaken up. Dressed down. Thrown out. Tailored to make your event feel undeniably, unapologetically YOURS. Hate cake? Don't cut one. Want to sport custom, bedazzled kicks under your couture gown? Do it! 

I am here to help you create the event of your dreams that makes each and every guest, from your bestie to your pop-pop, feel welcome and comfortable to celebrate.

serving clients in chicago and beyond

Cheers! Chicago is a full service event planning and design house serving clients who dare to be different with




our services

Full Planning

You're already insanely organized and Type A on a day-to-day basis, but know planning (and, most importantly, LIVING) THE most important day of your life shouldn't fall into that category. You're looking to plan (and especially party at) an event that is completely unique to you and your fiance, who you are, and the story you want to share with your guests. From the moment you sport that new rock on your finger until you kick off your Jimmy Choos post Post-Wedding Brunch, know that every single detail of your wedding weekend is accounted for, intentionally and joyfully designed and impeccably brought to life. Full Planning is for those savvy, hardworking couples who know their wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, an investment of time, money and energy in their future together. They need a seasoned, hardworking, committed planner to focus on them, support them and lead them step by step through the planning process.

full planning services begin at $15,000
 partial planning services  begin at $10,000


Partial Planning

Partial Planning is best suited for those couples wanting to be more involved in planning their event, typically beginning once they have already selected their ceremony and reception venue/s, and now want an expert to take over the rest of the Planning Process. Partial Planning is more ala carte style service, where the clients can choose which facets of wedding planning they are comfortable managing themselves, such as researching and planning for the Rehearsal Dinner or Post-Wedding Brunch.

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The Cheers! Process simplifies the intricate, overwhelming and time consuming task of planning a multi-event weekend from start to finish. My attention-to-detail, open and honest communication and proactive, "make it work!" attitude keep clients focused on the FUN of planning their Wedding. 

step 01. The Celebration

Cue the confetti and pop the Clicquot!- I am so thrilled to work with you!

Step 02. The Details

Client receives Onboarding Guide, the 411 of our experience working together.

Step 03. The Meetup

Our first meeting doesn't need to involve the "W" word at all- this is our time to get to know each other over a platter of fries, a bowl of Jeni's or a round at your favorite neighborhood bar and tap.

Step 04. The Vibe

Client receives a custom Mood Board detailing each and every part of your wedding day to help us all start to solidify our ideas, inspiration, colors, textures, aesthetic and style. 

Step 05. The Breakdown

Clients receive a monthly countdown listing our goals and tasks to tackle together in the coming weeks, condensing planning into manageable chunks so you always know what to expect, and when. 






I truly believe that I best serve my clients by using my decade's worth of experience and knowledge at every step of the planning process. Personally guiding clients one task and "to do" at a time through the planning process, creating and crafting an original, beautifully designed event, connecting clients with high-quality vendors best suited for their personalities, vision and goals, THIS is my calling, THIS is my passion. Therefore, I exclusively offer Full and Partial Planning services- I do not offer Coordination.

Do you offer Month-Of/Day-Of Coordination?

Every Cheers! client works exclusively with Sarah (woohoo!). While we do have a fabulous roster of experienced assistants that work with Sarah on our events, Sarah will be your Planner-In-Chief from start to finish, and that is why she takes a limited number of events per year. 

Do you have a team of planners?

Each event is unique and may involve multiple days of installation, load-in and setup for vendors such as your tent, lighting, chairs, dance floor and decor. Sarah is present for every single moment needed to ensure every detail, logistic and curveball is anticipated, accounted for and handled, leaving you free to catch up with family and friends at a Cubs game, feel pampered at the Spa enjoying a pre-Rehearsal massage and to truly relax and revel in this once-in-a lifetime moment.

How long are you with us on the Wedding Weekend?

Being a good wedding planner requires a great deal more than simply curating color palettes. It's advising on timeless and considerate etiquette and best practices in an ever-changing culture. It's EEK! managing money and sometimes unrealistic or uninformed expectations. It's navigating -sometimes- turbulent, emotional family dynamics. A good planner is the screenwriter and director for your wedding production, allowing your vendor teams to perfectly play their own parts in bringing it to life, always keeping in mind we are creating this incredible, once-in-a-lifetime celebration for YOU.

Why do I need a planner?




2018 - 2023

yea, our clients know how to party.

"Sarah by far exceeded

Sarah’s not only extremely personable (she made us feel like we knew each other for years), but she’s also everything a planner should be and more! She’s super organized, attentive, detail oriented, and has a solution to every problem imaginable.

all of our highest expectations."

- Magda C., bride

"Cheers! Chicago is the

 Our wedding was the most wonderful day of our lives, and we continue to receive incredible feedback from our family and friends about their awesome experiences as well. We VERY HIGHLY recommend Sarah and would work with her again in a heartbeat.

BEST wedding planner, bar none."

- Amanda B., Bride

"Sarah Deeke runs a very

I am the mother of the groom who has severely disabled husband. Being in our situation, we always needed extra help and it was always there. I was always treated well and responded to with a "can-do" attitude which made our difficult issues much more pleasant. Theses girls know the meaning of "customer service"!

professional wedding planning service."

- Linda I., Mother of the groom

"Sarah and Cheers! Chicago

She and her staff made our daughter's wedding stress free and unforgettable in every way. Throughout the planning process, [Sarah] was attentive, organized, and resourceful. Sarah definitely goes above and beyond her job description.

are absolutely the best, hands down."

- Mary B., Mother of the Bride

"Sarah goes above

Honestly, if someone could be born into a profession, Sarah would be born a wedding planner. She is not only a wedding planner, she is a friend, a listener, an over achiever, a shoot past the stars to another galaxy type of planner.  We love you Sarah!!!!

and beyond in all facets."

- Kristy M., Bride

"Sarah Deeke is as

Beyond Sarah's unbeatable execution of the professional aspects of the job, she's just as great of a person. Not only did Sarah take the stress out of our wedding planning by quarterbacking the entire process, she's also a genuinely kind, selfless, and an amazingly goodhearted person. Thank you, Sarah!

incredible as they come."

- Zack M., Groom

"My only regret was 

On top of being insanely organized, friendly and five steps ahead of every detail imaginable, it felt like I knew her for years... being thousands of miles from both of our families, it can make certain steps throughout wedding planning difficult and hard to overcome, but Sarah helped me through those moments.

not finding Sarah sooner!"

- Michelle M., Bride

"Trust me, brides, you 

Sarah's 'can do' attitude and willingness to go the extra mile are the traits that stood out to me the most. From arranging to have our dog brought to pre-wedding photos to wearing my purse during the reception to ensure I had lipstick handy at any moment... she really went above and beyond.

want Sarah on your side for your big day!"

- Katie F., Bride

'She went above and beyond

Sarah is extremely detail oriented and nothing falls through the cracks. She is proactive and directly dealt with a flaky vendor to problem solve so there was never an issue. For brides easily stressed Sarah is a calm presence and also very patient when you're indecisive.  I would hire her again in a heart beat.

and wanted to be sure you were happy."

- Diane N., Bride