When it comes to designing every aspect of your Best Day Ever

YOU are my greatest source of inspiration.

From the fabric pattern on your favorite vintage armchair to the Spanish cuisine on that fateful study abroad trip where you met, I am here to help share your love story and give each of your guests an engaging experience from the minute they arrive at your Welcome Party until they depart the Post-Wedding Brunch. Your love story is obviously your favorite- I want to show everyone why. 

Feel fully confident that Cheers! has your wedding under control at all times,

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based on Sarah's strong vendor network, decade-worth of industry know-how and solutions-oriented mindset. 



I've been working in the world of weddings for almost 11 years, and my passion and serious l-o-v-e for helping clients plan the best days of their lives is totally obvious. It is SUCH an incredible honor to work and create with you during this most joyous and exciting time! I believe some of the best ways to discover who my clients really are are under twinkling bistro lights at your favorite local taverna, over a good bottle of wine (or two) and sharing some sort of carb-laden, cheese-centric meal, complete with a side of pure, unadulterated laughter. I know it can be incredibly daunting to look at allllllll those "to do's" and "TBDs" that lay ahead of us, but if there is one thing you need to know about me, above all else, I GOT YOU. I am here to guide you down the mystical Planning Path to create an authentic, thoughtful and outrageously fun event that you and your guests will never want to leave from start to finish. There is no greater reward than starting as a vendor, and ending up a lifelong friend. When I'm not planning, you'll find me reading Southern Living magazine (exclusively for the recipes), shooting Nerf guns with my six year old son, Kurt, playing with makeup with my two year old daughter, Greta, belting Beyonce to my one year old old, Viv, and watching reruns of The Office with my hubs, Dave, our rescue pup, Biscuit, snoring right beside us. Life is beautiful.

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core values

 Hard work

 We do what needs to be done to give the clients the best planning experience, what they want and what they were promised on their Wedding Weekend, without exception. While we lay the basic house rules for business hours and mode of operation during the initial planning process, when it's showtime and we are actually producing and orchestrating the event, we do whatever it takes to make the magic happen for our clients and keep them as stress-free as possible. 


You will not find me standing in a corner with a clipboard barking orders at vendor underlings- you will find me down on the dance floor when a guest drops their drink to mop it clean, up on a ladder stringing your neon sign above your bar, waiting off to the side with a glass of champagne for Dad when he forgets his own while sharing his heartfelt toast to and for you. I want to be the ultimate Zen Master of your wedding day, equipping your vendors to do their absolute best work for you, and to keep you and your VIPs relaxed and ready to party.


My clients are family, and I treat them as such. I can promise you that I will be brutally honest, I will be opinionated, but I will always, ALWAYS, have your back. I truly care SO very much for my clients and their families as people outside of the standard event parameters and THAT, I feel, is what makes Cheers! special.


I believe respect all around is paramount to a seamless planning process and successful event. Respect for the clients' time, respect towards the vendor team, respect for my family time. Kindness always.


if we aren't having fun, our creativity is stagnant and we aren't serving our clients in the best way possible. When we pull off an epic event, it's also important for us as a team to celebrate a job well done!