March 21, 2023

My Top Emergency Kit Essentials

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We tend to revere and idolize The Wedding Day, and who can blame us? From the time we’re little, your wedding is built to be THE single most important day of our LIFE. But, when you can’t control every single person/place/thing involved, things inevitably happen. Heels break. Veils tear. A freak rainstorm appears out of thin air. But there ARE measures we can take, and emergency supplies we can Prime, to prepare ourselves as best as possible. When it comes to my event day emergency kit, I try my best to be a walking Walgreens for my clients and their VIPs. However, there is a holy trinity of emergency supplies that I am asked for, without fail, at every event, and I keep them close in my beloved fanny pack, or within reach:


I’ve found that almost every Bridesmaid or female attendant DOESN’T cut the tags off their dress prior to the wedding morning- why, I’m not sure. It’s not like they’re going to return it. But besides removing price tags, scissors are always needed for snipping string in your sewing kit, cutting ribbon to tie off the end of the aisle, or simple tasks such as opening boxes of packaged linen.

Club Soda

You’ve been Soul Cycling for months to fit in this dress, formal portraits are DONE and that top sirloin you’ve been DREAMING of since the tasting is delicately placed in front of you, unaware of the carnage about to befall it. You bring that fork to your lips and PLOP! Sirloin and shallot jus fall almost slow motion ALL down the front of your pristine, white dress. Fear not! Club soda to the rescue! Before Shout Wipes, before Tide-To-Go pens, I grab a fresh bottle of Club Soda. Note- when attacking a stain, ALWAYS be sure to use a WHITE cloth, test a small area of fabric first and DAB, DAB, DAB at the stain- NEVER smear!

Safety Pins

Whether a Bridesmaid is uncomfortable with the amount of cleavage her dress is showing or an ambitious Groomsman ripped his pants dropping it low on the dance floor, safety pins are clutch. They come in a variety of sizes from teeny tiny to heavy duty- a range is best.

Honorable Mentions

MINTS. This is SUCH a nice touch to place out for the Couple, Bridesmaids, Groomsmen and Parents right before the ceremony is about to begin, whether it be a tin of Altoids or a bag of LifeSavers. This is also essential for my own breath- the more I talk to the vendor team and to guests in general, the higher the threat of dumpster mouth! EEK!

LIQUID IV. For whatever reason, in 2022, my Brides, Grooms and their peeps went HARD the night before their wedding. A non-judgmental, Costco-sized bag of Liquid IV makes you look like the superhero planning pro you are. (Eye masks are an EXCELLENT partner in battling the havoc a hangover can wreak on your face!)

INDIVIDUAL PACKETS OF TYLENOL/ADVIL. You will ALWAYS find a few of these in my fanny pack. I’ve found Dollar Tree to be a goldmine when it comes to restocking your kit or making bathroom amenity baskets for your venue. Most of their medications are individually sealed, super convenient especially after Covid.

STRAWS. Ladies, you’re paying a lot of money for GOOD makeup. Put a straw in your drinks- plus, they’re just SO fun and make for cute photos!

Photo: Kristina Lorraine Photography

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